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T he Kollel Ohr Yosef website affords you the opportunity to study a variety of halachah topics over the internet.

Currently focussing on Hilchos Shmitah, Hilchos Brachos and Hilchos Tevillas Kelim, we offer you shiurim in practical halachah as well as in-depth articles. We also welcome halachic questions on these three topics.

Hilchos Brachos

Halachos of Brachos
Translated from "Vezos Habrachah"
– the most popular Hebrew sefer on
Hilchos Brachos
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Brachos Questions
Rabbi Mandelbaum, the author of "Vezos Habrachah" and a member of the Kollel, will respond to your questions on Hilchos Brachos
Tevillas Kelim

Halachos of Tevillas Keilim
Taken from Rav Webber's shiurim to the Kollel
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Questions on Tevillas Keilim
We welcome your questions on the Halachos of Tevillas Keilims
Bircas HaReiach

Halachos of Bircas HaReiach
Taken from Rabbi Slatin's book "Reiach HaSadeh"
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Questions on Bircas HaReiach
We welcome your questions on the Halachos of Fragrances